We know how to be social – both online and in print.

Ever tried shouting into a crowd? Impossible. No one’s listening to you and after a little while they’re all wondering who the funny-looking guy is over in the corner talking to himself.

But, start an interesting conversation, throw in a dash of wit and charm and soon others are going to want to hang out with you. Before you know it, you’re the centre of attention.

That’s the key to success in today’s media world: create a persona that makes your audience feel that you and your brand are communicating directly with them.

We coach people to be great writers for business and pleasure.

Lisa enjoys working with people to bring their writing to life. Often we adopt a more formal tone in our presentations that weighs down our writing. Lisa can help you unclutter your work, eliminate clichés and jargon and present your ideas in a clear and logical manner.

Our work includes:

· Photography
· Strategic communications and media plans
· Community engagement (writing) for social media
· Business plans
· Sponsorship and capital campaign documents
· Public policy analysis and policy papers
· Speech-writing
· Media commentaries
· Substantive editing
· Copy-editing
· Event planning

We are available for seminars and workshops on:
· Business writing (including email and social media etiquette)
· Public presentations
· Proposal and report writing
· Media training
· Social media writing