Writing & Photos

Lisa’s Writing

I like taking a complex idea and breaking it down into a compelling story. I specialize in pointed opinion pieces, investigative reporting and narrative features. From my home base here on Canada’s east coast, I look at provincial and national issues from a regional perspective.

I am particularly interested in connecting public policy to everyday life. Topics I have covered extensively include municipal affairs, intergovernmental relations, energy development, natural resources, Aboriginal affairs, post-secondary education and cultural development. I also have an opinion or two about political theatre both in the Maritimes and on the national stage.

I write for newspapers, magazines, trade journals, radio and TV commentary, and online news sites.

Michael’s Photography


I like capturing movement and emotion. I shoot sports, entertainment, feature, food and spot news photography. My expertise lies in my ability to anticipate the shot and then freeze and frame that moment.

My feature work includes illustrating the unusual and remarkable in everyday experiences whether it’s at work or at home. In my sports photography you’ll feel the speed, hear the crowd and taste victory (or defeat). I am available for private clients interested in capturing a special sports moment or performance. I can give you original keepsake shots of your favourite young athlete or performer in motion.

My food photography looks good enough to eat – and it is. I don’t use models or props for the photographs that accompany my recipes on foodfunk.ca and I can use that same skill to make food for publications and restaurant promotional material look as fabulous as it tastes.

I shoot for print and online publications, corporate clients, restaurants and food industry, private clients interested in action and/or feature photography.

See my full portfolio at michaelhawkins.ca

Real Estate / Architectural Photography

I also offer photography of MLS listings in the Greater Saint John area. This feature has become very popular with local real estate agents who are looking to showcase their homes with the kind of pride the owners expect.

Using pro-level equipment and careful attention to picture quality, I bring enormous value to any MLS listing at a very affordable price.